Directed by Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio – TRT: 84 Minutes

The New York Times:
“An atmospheric blend of archival news film (ghoulishly fascinating), homey interviews (moving and sometimes baffling) and amateur sleuthing (cheerfully random), “Cropsey” shines an uncomfortable light on the way we reason.” – Jeanette Catsoulis

The New York Times:
“[Cropsey] is the cinematic version of peeking under the bed and not breathing a sigh of relief.” – John Anderson

Wall Street Journal:
“…decidedly creepy — evocative of 1970’s drive-in movie shockers.” – Steve Dollar

New York Magazine
Critic’s Pick 3
“Beyond disturbing.”

Time Out New York:
“…comes on like a true crime caper.”

New York Post
“A real-life horror story that puts most Hollywood movies to shame. – Lou Lumenick

Daily News
“Disturbing and flavorful, with a real sense of atmosphere.” – Elizabeth Weitzman and Joe Neumaier

AV Club
“Expertly paced and assembled, Cropsey continues a welcome trend toward docs with strong, surprising narratives. (b+)”

Filmmaker Magazine

“Part personal history remembrance, part time capsule of a place, part true crime thriller, Cropsey is an absorbing and terrifying piece of filmmaking.” – Brandon Harris

The New Yorker
“The filmmakers tell {the story} with wit, verve, and compassion.” – Richard Brody

Film Forward
“Smart. Absorbing.” – Kent Turner

“A Town’s Worst Nightmares, In The Flesh” – Bob Mondello, National Public Radio

Joshua Zeman, Writer-Director of Cropsey

Daily Variety
“Intelligent, profound and unsettling…auds will walk out of their theaters, get in their cars and check on their kids, not necessarily in that order.” – John Anderson

Paper Magazine Tribeca FF Pick :
“An intriguing, creepy documentary.”
-Denis Dermody

Huffington Post:
“The strength of any documentary is directly proportional to how many good scene it has, and Cropsey is a great documentary.” – Fritz Godard

Chicago Sun Times
“A chilling horror documentary”
- Roger Ebert

Ain’t It Cool News:
“An excellent true-crime doc that actually managed to scare me one or two times. This is one great little movie.” – Capone

“Cropsey can be seen as BLAIR WITCH PROJECT by way of ZODIAC and CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS.”
-Samuel Zimmerman