Dorothy Allison psychic notes 5


Comes after 08-37 ********Here is page 4 of the notes made by famous detective psychic, Dorothy Allison, during her walk through of the Jennifer Schweiger case. Throughout Jennifer’s disappearance, numerous physics came forward or were contacted, including the famous “Nut from Nutley” Dorothy Allison. There are a couple interesting notes here that could either be perceived as “Retrofitting” (citing vague circumstances) or having some real “vision”. Namely, did Allison know any facts about Andre; like that he was a sign painter for all his life, maybe coincidence or maybe not. The newspaper certainly mentioned it more than a few times. And again, there is another comment that keeps coming up “I sense water” Not too difficult considering all the different ways water can be figured in the circumstances of this case. How about “Bridge – water on 1 side, oil on other.” Staten Island is dotted in bridges, most of them having water at least on one side, and the whole island is surrounded by oil tanks. For all the criticism apparently leveled at Dorothy Allison, She’s had many interesting predictions about those children associated with Andre Rand, and even a few other missing child cases on Staten Island that or may not been “solved” …Especially one a young boy named Steven Vance. You can read more about that case in later posts.

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