Dorothy Allison psychic notes 2

08-036-Dorothy-Allison-psychic-notes2Comes after 08-35 ****Here is page 2 of Donna notes from her time with psychic Dorothy Allison. Seems from the notes that Donna met numerous former “clients” from the institution during her walk of the grounds with Dorothy. Not much to really decipher from these notes. “Janitor is Rand’s friend” “Went to bldg 48 name on back recognized picture (Andre)” – maybe that’s referencing the graffiti tag of “RAND” that was found in numerous building throughout the grounds. I highly doubt Rand was tagging his own name, but obviously some neighborhood teenager was. Was that a name the tagger made up, or did he know Andre? Obviously Dorothy recognized it. Another interesting fact is the comment from “Barry” who said “They moved the girl to 11.” Barry, or Bicycle Barry as he was known was one of the more functional patients who squatted on the grounds of Willowbrook. I don’t know if he was one of the many patients who had been let out on the streets when the institution “closed down” or if he was relocated to a group home and then just returned out of habit. Junius Cooper was another squatter and both paled around with Rand. Both had also been brought in for questioning and were released (but some detectives were skeptical that they didn’t know more) There was a lot of talk that Jennifer was still alive days, or even weeks of her disappearance, and that she was being moved through the tunnels to the numerous abandon buildings, either by Rand’s friends or accomplices. Barry had very distinct speech impediment and his limited intelligence made his comments suspect, but at the same time he seemed very sure of what he knew about Jennifer being shuffled around. I am quite confident searchers went and checked building 11 after this encounter. More about my own interview with Barry in later posts.

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